Jan 10 2008

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>>> The makepkg.conf syntax has changed, please note the new format
>>> when merging the pacnew file with your old configuration.
>>> The pacman.conf default file has changed. Please update your
>>> config to use the single mirrorlist, and any additional files
>>> in /etc/pacman.d/ (core, extra, etc.) can be deleted.
>>> The location of sync DBs has moved from /var/lib/pacman/ to
>>> /var/lib/pacman/sync/ for several reasons. To delete older
>>> DBs, please run pacman -Sc and follow the instructions.
>>> You will also have to run pacman -Sy to refresh the sync DBs.
>>> abs is no longer included; please install the 'abs' package
>>> to use abs. You may need to edit abs.conf to re-enable repos.

io ora mi domando PERCHE’ questi ogni 3/4 mesi si sveglino con l’insaziabile bisogno di cambiare tutta la struttura del pkg manager

io mi domando PERCHE’ non sia piu’ possibile installare un cazzo di pacchetto non-ufficiale da root ma solo da utente quando i gestori di pacchetti non ufficiali vanno a pociare dentro /var o dentro /home non mie

chown -R io:wheel a me me pare ‘na strunzata

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